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Recently, with cutting-edge wireless solutions introduced by manufacturers that support applications that require more speed and bandwidth many corporations are now joining the wireless revolution.

Wireless communication Chicago, IL, a common supplementary network has now come into its own for medical, hospitality, education, and private enterprise businesses due to the productivity, flexibility, and cost benefits of wireless computing. However, this technology does not come without its own set of engineering criteria.

ACG offers customers and business partners a full array of wireless services, which complement the wired network offerings for complete connectivity and integration of your existing networks. Services include consulting, systems integration, installation/project deployment and more that are focused on developing and installing solutions that improve the effectiveness of mobile workers and businesses.

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We emphasize the importance of delivering business value today while providing a path to extend solutions into the future. Insight into the services offered by ACG are briefly reviewed below:

Strategy Consulting, helps customers to understand how wireless technologies should be leveraged within their business. We help you to identify opportunities and make appropriate investment decisions. With the relative infancy of the wireless technology industry, we also encourage you to develop a mobile solutions road map, which becomes a critical foundation for evaluating and delivering high value mobile solutions as wireless technologies quickly emerge.

Solution Development and Systems Integration, Assists customers with the design, development, and implementation of the solutions. ACG mobile architecture approach emphasizes the need to leverage existing investments while designing toward the unique needs of the mobile workforce. The component selection process leverages knowledge of key hardware, transport, middleware, and application technologies to help you evaluate and select the most appropriate technologies for customer business needs. ACG wireless planning and installation teams are certified and are fully trained in wireless survey, installation, testing, and certification.