Outside Plants


Outside Plants

Applied Communications Group has the ability to meet any of your fiber construction needs.

We have underground crews to install the innerduct outside plant Chicago, IL. Our fiber splicing technicians are fully equipped to handle all your fiber splicing needs from testing, to emergency repairs, to new build splicing.

Our underground construction crews have the capability of installing fiber and innerduct through the more conventional means of trenching or the more advanced methods of directional drilling. Our trained directional crews have years of drilling experience.

Our crews pride themselves on high levels of production with minimum disturbance to the surrounding areas. All existing utilities are test windowed to avoid any damages. Restoration crews follow immediately behind our drills to deal with any restoration needed due to mud or test windows.

A list of available underground equipment includes:

Hydraulic Reel Trailers
Fiber Pullers
Fusion Splicers
Fiber Splicing Trailer